Welcome Rido Camp!

Rido Camping is the best place for rock climbers in and around Antalya. The campsite is around 20km away from Antalya, near the village Geyikbayiri. The campsite has a great atmosphere for solid rest, food and/or partying after climbing.

Our camping has a restaurant offering breakfasts that will equip you with sufficient power for your projects, and tasteful dinners for regeneration. Just let us know before 11am if you wish to enjoy a meal at dinner time and we will prepare it for you. Our restaurant  serves a lot of delicious Turkish and international food and also vegetarian or vegan meals upon request. In the evening you can chill next to the fireplace and move your bodies to the music after a beer or shot of Raki in our bar.

The camping is situated between the two most popular sectors in Geyikbayiri: Trebena (4 minutes walk) and Sarkit (10 minutes walk). Here is a link to a video which shows the best spots for sport climbing in Turkey around Geyikbayir:

We  offer free WiFi Internet, showers with hot water, laundry service, gas cookers, a guitar for you to use and our Turkish hospitality. And last but not least… freedom.

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