Rido Camping was established in 2012 to provide accommodation and community for climbers during  their adventures in Geyikbayiri⁠ National Park which is the biggest climbing area in Turkey. We are Geyikbayiri’s biggest campsite with 15000 square meters and panoramic views of the mountains and valley cliffs.

We offer climbers a cozy place, good vibes, and easy access to Geyikbayiri’s high quality limestone rock and picturesque nature. All sectors are accessible within walking distance of 5 to 30 minutes. You can stay in one of our 10 bungalows or pitch a tent at one of our campsites. Rido Camping can accommodate up to 60 tents, so take your pick. We provide clean restrooms and showers with hot water any hour of the day.



Come dine at our restaurant where you can experience our Turkish hospitality—enjoying traditional drinks and deserts, as well as authentic Turkish cuisine such as kebabs, Turkish breakfast, and many others. Alternatively, whip up your own meals in our communal kitchen.

We offer showers with hot water, laundry service, Free Wi-Fi Internet, a guitar for you to use. And last but not least… freedom.

Here you can climb from dawn till dusk or enjoy other activities on your rest days such as slacklining at Rido Camp or highlining in the valley. Chill at the river next to our camp, take a day hike to Geyiksivrisi, go to the city center and visit a Turkish hamam, or have fun in the lively nightlife of Antalya.

We also provide transfer service from Antalya Airport or bus terminal to our campsite with a capacity for 4 passengers and luggage.


Climbing in Geyikbayiri

Geyikbayiri is the biggest climbing area in Turkey, boasting routes to satisfy pros, beginners, and everyone in between. There are 1200 bolted routes, most of which are equipped with the securest chemical resin bolts / and marine-grade glue. The rock type in Geyikbayiri is limestone which gives you a variety of climbing experiences from exposed faces to three-dimensional tufas. Climb everything from slabs to extreme overhangs, from 5a to 8c+/9a. You can find the guide book at the camp reception.

The main climbing season is from the beginning of September until the end of May. Most of this time the weather is pleasant; however, if it’s raining or the sun is not your best friend, it is always possible to find a nice sector which is protected from unfavorable weather conditions. You can see Geyikbayiri’s monthly average weather records “in this link“.



Climbing in Geyikbayiri/ANTALYA

Campsite and Geyikbayiri

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